Bathroom Flooring

When you have decided to renovate your bathroom, it’s necessary to pay attention towards its flooring as it can make a significant difference. Though there are a large number of flooring choices available but here I want to draw your attention towards the most suitable and most preferred ones.

Ceramics are a cool choice for bath area as it is made up of minerals, water and clay and are available in several shapes and sizes. You can choose from Glazed and Unglazed tiles according to your need.

Though it was considered as an expensive thing earlier but now there all kinds of tiles are available in various price ranges so that you can make your pick easily. When it comes to Glazed Ceramic Tiles you can choose from hundreds of patterns, colors, size and textures.

It’s great for residential as well as commercial use. By adding an attractive border to the flooring you can make it look it better.

It’s better to opt for larger ceramic tiles over smaller ones as it will be easier to keep them clean. But there is one problem with ceramic tiles grout that it shows more wear and tear than other types of flooring, so either you get it repaired or can choose for colored grout which looks better.

Linoleum is another type of flooring chosen for bathrooms. This is the most practical kind of flooring and is surely durable. As it’s available in several designs and colors so you don’t have to worry about its looks as well.

In the case of Linoleum you can either choose tiles or planks. Linoleum is pretty affordable and adds new dimensions to your bathroom.

Vinyl Bathroom Flooring is another option for bathroom flooring and its pretty easy to install. But it doesn’t have long life tenure like Linoleum and Ceramic Tiles but surely looks appealing.

Avoid using rubber sheets as it gets damaged after getting wet. Its better to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance of your flooring as it will surely help you.

If you want your bathroom to look as stylish as the rest of your dreamhouse then don’t forget ton change its flooring while remodeling it. You will surely be surprised with the amazing results.

Now what all accessorize your bathroom with amazing showers and fancy lights to enhance the look.

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