Flooring Basics

Flooring is a very important part of your d├ęcor. If you choose the right flooring it will surely add up to your decoration otherwise will ruin all you efforts. Before choosing a flooring type you better decide upon how will use that area.

While renovating your house flooring is something needs the highest expenditure so you better be careful while choosing a floor. But you should know the basics before you decide upon the style and color.

Once applied moisture absorbing fluid any kind of flooring can be applied to a solid plain floor. But for example if you have a timber floor then first you need to know how much weight it can handle than only decide upon the kind of tiles for your house.

Use of that floor is another matter of concern. For playrooms and hallways you will need a stronger, scratch resistant floor than that of the bedroom and for your kitchen you may prefer something which is easy to maintain, clean and water resistant.

For work areas better go for a carpets or soft floors otherwise hard floorings like Vinyl will make stay cold and you won’t be able to stand comfortably for long. If you are using marble, slate or other tiles in flooring then beware as it can be slippery if wet. If you add up a throw rug on these kinds of floorings then make sure you don’t have a slip underlayment along with them and avoid polishing too.

Sound absorbency is another thing to be considered as if you are allergic to such sounds then choose Vinyl, Cork or Rubber flooring instead of marble, stones or ceramic tiles as they are low on absorbing tiles.

In the case of Vinyl the one with cushion back is better than flat one when it comes to noise absorbent quality.

Underlayments are applied before laying the tiles which also helps in absorbing the sound. For example if somebody is walking with high heels shoes on the second floor and you are on the first floor then you will not hear the irritating sound but the person in the same room can hear it.

But insulation can be added to walls so that the noise doesn’t goes to the adjacent rooms. If you stay in an apartment or a small house, then keep the flooring same for the entire house excluding kitchen and bathroom. Better choose for plain floors as floor with patters looks a bit trafficked.

In larger house you can show off your creativity pretty well by changing the flooring between the rooms. Better keep the transition in mind that how it will flow to the other room or how it would look with the door open. If you are planning to use different colors and different patters of floors in rooms than better keep in mind they shouldn’t look too opposite which can spoil the whole look.

If you are planning to lay a carpet than better clean the m frequently otherwise you will miss upon clean look and fresh air in your room. Don’t live in a misconception that dark colored carpets with too much textures need less cleaning.

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