Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a laminate flooring material made to look like wood flooring, but Laminate flooring which could be used as a good alternative to wood flooring is fast being popularized in United States. Europeans have been said to be using it for many years, but Americans are fast getting used to see it in many homes. Laminate flooring is made of synthetic materials or can be a mixture of synthetic materials with natural ingredients. They can also be covered with a decorative substance.

You can install Laminate flooring over the top of your existing flooring without disturbing it. That’s the reason why it was popular in Europe which is having vast number of older buildings.

Installing laminate flooring is very easy, and you can easily do it yourself. For newer building you can easily put Laminated Flooring as floating. In floating the Laminate flooring is not stick to the floor under it, but only joints are stick together. The lower layer remains unattached and no harm is done to it. The joint is stick by specially formulated glue which is water resistant. Amount of glue to be used vary with each type of laminated flooring.

The Laminate flooring has four major components which are glued together. A decorative surface is made of resin which is based on melamine and aluminum oxide. This resin is glued to a wood core which is water resistant. Underside the core is backed by a balancing backing.

Today laminate flooring is consider as a ideal flooring and many manufacturers boasts that these laminate floors and many times harder than laminate counter tops. The high popularity of these flooring is because its very difficult to strain, burn, scratch or do any harm to the laminate flooring.

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