Linoleum floor

This high quality resilient flooring type is made up of all natural products. Linoleum flooring is a perfect blend of pine resin, wood flour and linseed oil and is packed into a jute fiber backing. This flooring option is hundred times better than the Vinyl flooring as it has a long life and if maintained properly then stays the same for several decades. Its gives a comfortable feels and is very quite.

Linoleum is environmental friendly and doesn’t include any harmful products and once you want to get rid of in that case it’s very easy to dispose off because of being biodegradable.

Linoleum shouldn’t be treated with ammonia products; it can be cleaned easily with some water and detergent. For a perfect shine and finished look you can polish it once in a while.

As its resistant to water that’s why it’s a good option for kitchen as well. Though its initial price is higher than the Vinyl flooring but if you consider it in a long run then it’s cheaper as Vinyl Flooring needs to be changed in less than 10 years. It avoids long term floor changing troubles, waste and obviously money.

Linoleum was invented in 1863 in England and the term is derived from Latin. The mixture of oxidized linseed oil, powdered cork, wood flour, pine resin is used to make the perfect Linoleum Sheets for flooring. Though it’s considered as an old fashioned style by many but it is extremely popular because of being durable, comfortable and quite. Above all it’s really easy to clean and maintain Linoleum.

Vinyl flooring which decreased the popularity of Linoleum is sometimes misunderstood as Linoleum but both the products are far different from each other. Linoleum is pricey than Vinyl and obviously more durable.

It is antibacterial and at the end of its life it can easily be taken off and disposed. Its maintenance is much lesser than Vinyl as it’s requires lesser labor to be cleaned and doesn’t require to be polished frequently like Vinyl.

It’s so ironic that Fashion trends and style statements made Vinyl so popular but consumers are never concerned about the its manufacturing process which involves use of toxic chemicals and produces harmful air and water pollutants.

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