Slate Flooring

Slate is an exceptional option for flooring take my word your guest will not be able to resist them selves from complimenting you for the selection.

It’s a natural stone product which looks appealing and is extremely durable. Most of the stones have an inbuilt pattern or texture; one can easily notice fossils,

sand grains and crystals. Slate gives a very smooth and clean finish similar to the plastic laminate.

Slate obtains this monumental texture after the tiny particles of clay and silt are accumulates together and are bears the high pressure and temperature.

Its fine texture doesn’t allows any kind of liquid to penetrate it. But what gives it an upper edge above all kind of stone flooring is the availability of hell lots of size, shapes, colors, textures and patterns.

Natural slate is blessed with an array of styles and textures because of the clay and silt particles. Wide variety of colors is available there when we talk about colors as you can choose from maroons, rust red, gray, green or even black.

Natural fissures are the most popular type of textured flooring. Its lovely look and a bit of a roughness makes slate an ideal for home flooring which adds light to the interior decoration of your house.

These two things give Slate a soft as well as shiny look. Slate tiles are available with different thickness and you can easily make your pick according to your need as it is available in innumerable sizes and shapes.

Its thickness is somewhat like the ceramic flooring tiles. Either you can choose had trimmed irregular pieces for random arrangement for can simply opt for properly cut square tiles. For the fireplace surroundings, stair treads and hearths you can buy large slabs of slate which gives an ultra cool finish.

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